When should I engage a conveyancer?

If you think you might need a conveyancer, then contact one as soon as possible.

Unlike some legal professions, conveyancers generally charge a set fee for their services at the time settlement is completed – or just prior to the completion of any other transaction, such as a land division. This is the case at Connolly Wilson Conveyancing.

That means you won’t be charged up front for any advice you seek while beginning the process of buying, selling, transferring or subdividing, and it generally won’t add to the costs at the end.

Often, it’s not until after the contract has been signed and cooling off has passed that you will be advised to appoint a conveyancer by the real estate agent.

But for vendors and purchasers alike, it’s critical to have a conveyancer look over a contract before you sign to ensure all conditions have been considered and all parties are protected.

At Connolly Wilson Conveyancing, if you don’t proceed to settlement, we generally don’t charge you for our time. That means that if you choose to ‘cool off’ on a property, or you are unable to meet conditions of settlement (such as finance), our services are free.


Want to know more? Contact Connolly Wilson Conveyancing today – our advice is free, friendly and focused on you.

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